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29 de octubre de 2008

Estimating Species Trees Workshop

Estimating Species Trees Workshop | Society of Systematic Biologists

Workshop at the University of Michigan, Jan 10-11, 2009
Estimating Species Trees: a Phylogenetic Paradigm for the 21st Century

Recent computational and modeling advances have produced methods for estimating species trees directly. Accurate estimates of phylogenetic relationships can be extracted from genetic data with these new approaches, sometimes with less data, by directly modeling the causes of discordance in topology and branch lengths among gene trees. Such inferences are commonly impossible under the traditional phylogenetic paradigm because of the potential for the idiosyncrasies of gene trees to obscure the actual history of species divergence.

We are offering this workshop to not only increase the visibility and use of these methods, but also address a number of significant challenges to estimating species trees, to assure that the advantages these methods offer reach a broad community of users. The goals of the workshop are to: (i) provide an understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of current methodology, (ii) present empirical examples demonstrating the utility of current methodology as well as its limitations, and (iii) offer instruction on the technical aspects involved in using current software. This will be accomplished through the combination of a series of lectures (day one) and hands-on computer training (day two).
For more information, click the "read more" link below, and see the flyer Estimating_Species_Trees.pdf.

Participation in the workshop requires registration (go to and is free for those attending the lectures (on Jan 10) and is $25 for those attending the computer training (on Jan 11; see website for programs that will be covered). To facilitate broad and diverse participation in this important workshop, funding is available to offset transportation and lodging costs (i.e., $500 for those from the US and $1000 for international participants – see website for details on how to apply).

Co-organizers: L. Lacey Knowles, University of Michigan, and Laura S. Kubatko, Ohio State University

Location of the workshop: University of Michigan, January 10-11, 2009.

Invited speakers for workshop:
Liang Liu, Harvard University
Laura Kubatko, Ohio State University
Dennis Pearl, Ohio State University
Célcile Ané, University of Wisconsin
James Degnan, University of Canterbury
L. Lacey Knowles, University of Michigan
Luay Nakhleh, Rice University
Karen Cranston, University of Arizona
Bret Larget, University of Wisconsin
Robb Brumsfield, Louisiana State Univ.
Lisle Gibbs, Ohio State University
Scott Edwards, Harvard University
Catherine Linnen, Harvard University
Natalia Belfiore, University of California, Berkeley

For more information please contact: Dr. L. Lacey Knowles,

This workshop has been made possible by funds generously provided by the Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan.

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