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19 de mayo de 2009

International Phycological Congress. Japan

The IPC9 Local Organizing Committee cordially invites you to the 9th International Phycological Congress which will be held in Tokyo, Japan between 2nd and 8th August 2009.
The scientific program has been developed around the topics listed below. More details of these topics, as well as abstracts of invited and contributed papers will be available at website:

Among several symposia, the following are of interest to the systematics community:

  • Comparative evolutionary genomics, Mark Cock; Shigeyuki Kawano
  • Evolution of multicellularity in the heterokont lineage: analysis of the Ectocarpus siliculosus genome sequence. J. Mark Cock*, Delphine Scornet, Akira F. Peters, Lieven Sterck, Pierre Rouzé, Yves van de Peer, Jean Weissenbach, Patrick Wincker and the Ectocarpus Genome Consortium
  • The genomics of unicellular red alga Cyanidioschyzon merolae, Osami Misumi* and Tsuneyoshi Kuroiwa
  • Endosymbiotic gene transfer and genome evolution in secondary plastid-containing algae: insights from cryptophytes and chlorarachniophytes. John M. Archibald
  • Genome information renewing the concept of Plantae. Hisayoshi Nozaki

  • Frontiers of algal speciation research. Juliet Brodie ; Mitsunobu Kamiya
  • Beyond Barcoding: Understanding species' reproductive biology. Giuseppe C. Zuccarello
  • Genetic separation of different entities of Mastocarpus stellatus (Stackhouse) Guiry. Kjersti Sjøtun*, M. Skage & N.T. Mikkelsen
  • The genetic structure of Undaria species around Japan. Shinya Uwai*, Nozomi Emura, Teruwo Morita, Akira Kurashima, Hiroshi Kawai
  • Huge diversity of microalgae; how have so many species arisen? Katherine Evans

  • Phylogeny - new advances and insights. Heroen Verbruggen; Takeo Horiguchi
  • Phylogenomic reconstruction of the Charophytes: a multigene approach to resolving the phylogeny of plants' closest relatives. Ruth Evangeline Timme and Charles F. Delwiche
  • Insights into the diversity and evolution of green algae from biological crust habitats. Louise A. Lewis and Paul O. Lewis
  • Phylogenetic trees: more than just branches and nodes. Kerstin Hoef-Emden
  • Deciphering macroevolutionary patterns in the algae. Heroen Verbruggen

Web site for the meeting:

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