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11 de junio de 2009

Conference on Next Generation Sequencing: Challenges and Opportunities. Barcelona

NGS2009 Conference on Next Generation Sequencing: Challenges and Opportunities
Barcelona (Spain),
1-3rd October 2009

So far, most DNA sequences have been obtained with Sanger capillary technology. However, next generation sequencers (NGS) or ultrasequencers are revolutionizing genetics and hence biology since 2005. It is not just a dramatic increase in sequencing speed; it means a change in paradigm that obliges researchers and institutions alike. It is also a tremendous and passionate technological race worth millions.

This conference will focus on the computational and statistical challenges that pose NGS data. These aspects are often neglected, yet are important to successful research. While wet lab prices are steadily decreasing, bioinformatics and statistical analyses have become a serious bottleneck for traditional molecular laboratories.

We have broadly organized the conference around two focal points: technology and applications. The first part will embrace bioinformatics, statistical and computational problems. The second will raise some of the most emblematic areas where NGS has exerted a dramatic influence.

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