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19 de agosto de 2009

4th Dresden Meeting on Insect Phylogeny

4th Dresden Meeting on Insect Phylogeny,
September 18 - 20, 2009

The Dresden Meetings on Insect Phylogeny are dedicated to a broad variety of topics concerning phylogeny reconstruction in Insecta; this includes both the interordinal and intraordinal levels, both morphological and molecular work, and both extant and fossil taxa, as well as occasional methodological contributions. The 4th Dresden Meeting on Insect Phylogeny (2009) will have a strong focus on key taxa and key characters insects; this will also include some presentations on fossil key taxa. The about 30 oral contributions, all in English, will be presented by invited high-profile specialists.

Organized by

Klaus-Dieter Klass (Museum für Tierkunde Dresden)
Niels Peder Kristensen (Zoological Museum Copenhagen)

Contact: insectphyl2009 (at) - Please copy and paste this addess, replace "(at)" by "@"

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