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1 de octubre de 2009

EDIT General Meeting (Carvoeiro, Portugal)

European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy

The European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy is a network of excellence gathering 28 major institutions devoted to knowing the living world better with the support of the European Commission.

EDIT General Meeting 2009
15-17 December 2009, Hotel Tivoli Almansor, Carvoeiro

This year’s edition of EDIT’s main events will take place once again in the small town of Carvoeiro (southern Portugal). We hope to meet as many as possible of you there to discuss EDIT’s past, present and future.

EDIT Young Taxonomist Symposium
15 December 2009

Demonstrating the future of taxonomy, EDIT invites earl-career researchers to present their work. The call for applications from EDIT institutions (up to two candidates per institution) is now open.

EDIT General Meeting
15-16 December 2009

As EDIT approaches its final year, we hope to engage in a practical discussion of what taxonomy and taxonomists achieve when working together in EDIT. We will discuss the transformation of taxonomy into a global cyberscience, with speakers inside and outside EDIT defining a picture of a discipline that experiences growing relevance and capability. As in previous editions, all EDIT institutions will be able to send a number of delegates to this event.

Click here to see the event programme and speakers.

Poster and Demonstration Sessions
15-17 December 2009

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