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28 de enero de 2010

TreeVector: Scalable, Interactive, Phylogenetic Trees for the Web

Pethica R, Barker G, Kovacs T, Gough J, 2010. TreeVector: Scalable, Interactive, Phylogenetic Trees for the Web. PLoS ONE 5(1): e8934. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0008934

We introduce TreeVector, a Scalable Vector Graphics–and Java-based method that allows trees to be integrated and viewed seamlessly in standard web browsers with no extra software required, and can be modified and linked using standard web technologies. There are now many bioinformatics servers and databases with a range of dynamic processes and updates to cope with the increasing volume of data. TreeVector is designed as a framework to integrate with these processes and produce user-customized phylogenies automatically. We also address the strengths of phylogenetic trees as part of a linked-in browsing process rather than an end graphic for print.
TreeVector is a robust, open source software product for the biological community. Phylogenetic trees can be plotted from data files generated from popular software using the NEXUS format producing scalable vector graphics. TreeVector represents a significant advance on existing software, making use of standards and technologies which may not have been established when previous products were developed. Specifically TreeVector offers new levels of flexibility and interactiveness lending itself well to dynamic web-based implementations.

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