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10 de mayo de 2010

PhyloSeminar anuncia: Philippe Lemey speaking on Phylogenetic diffusion models

The next speaker will be Philippe Lemey speaking Friday, July 16
at noon PDT on "Phylogenetic diffusion models and their applications
in viral epidemiology."

Emerging infectious diseases continue to appear all over the world,
and importantly, they have also risen significantly over time after.
Having the potential to quickly adapt to new hosts and environments,
RNA viruses are prime candidates to emerge as global threats to human
health. Their rapid rate of evolution, however, also turns viral
genomes into valuable resources to reconstruct the spatial and
temporal processes that are shaping epidemic or endemic dynamics. In
this seminar, I will highlight recent developments in phylogenetic
diffusion models that tie together sequence evolution and geographic
history in a coherent statistical framework. Both discrete and
continuous phylogeographic models have recently been implemented in a
Bayesian statistical approach. I will position this approach among
other popular phylogeographic methods, and then focus on applications
in viral molecular epidemiology to demonstrate their use. Finally, I
will hint at future extensions that may provide entirely new
opportunities for phylogeographic hypothesis testing.

I hope you will be able to attend this exciting talk.

To attend this and other talks, learn how to connect ahead of time, and join the email list by sending an email to
If you can't make it, don't fret-- you can always watch the recording.



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