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11 de enero de 2012

6th Biennial Conference of the International Biogeography Society. 2013

First announcement

Registration, abstract submission for symposia and contributed papers will open in July 2012.

The core of the meeting will be four successive symposia on broad foundational and cutting-edge topics and approaches in biogeography and macroecology, each with a suite of leading international scientists as well as openings for contributed papers.
- Beyond Bergmann: New perspectives on the biogeography of traits
- Island Biogeography: new syntheses
- Predicting species and biodiversity in a warmer world: are we doing a good job?
- Conservation paleobiology: using knowledge of past ecosystems to inform conservation priorities

The meeting also has 12 sessions of contributed papers on key topics including and not limited to: (i) Neotropical biogeography, (ii) Climate change biogeography, (iii) Paleo-biogeography, (iv) Phylogeography, (v) Marine biogeography (vi) Disturbance regimes and biogeography, and (vii) Global biogeography


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