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20 de octubre de 2008

Bosque: integrated phylogenetic analysis software

Ramírez-Flandes S. & O. Ulloa (2008).
Bosque: Integrated phylogenetic analysis software.
Bioinformatics 24(21):2539-2541;

doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btn466

Phylogenetic analyses today involve dealing with computer files in different formats and often several computer programs. Although some widely used applications have integrated important functionalities for such analyses, they still work with local resources only: input/output files (users have to manage them) and local computing (users have sometimes to leave their programs, on their desktop computers, running for extended periods of time). To address these problems we have developed ‘Bosque’, a multi-platform client–server software that performs standard phylogenetic tasks either locally or remotely on servers, and integrates the results on a local relational database. Bosque performs sequence alignments and graphical visualization and editing of trees, thus providing a powerful environment that integrates all the steps of phylogenetic analyses.



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