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27 de agosto de 2010

2010 Italian workshop on phylogenetic methods and applications

The workshop is expected to start on August 27th at 10 am, and will end in the afternoon of September 1st. Classes and tutorials will run every day from 9 am until 7 pm.
Some of the topics that will be covered in the lectures will be:
  • Introduction to molecular evolution
  • models of sequence evolution
  • methods of sequence alignment
  • methods of phylogenetic inference (distance, parsimony, maximum likelihood, bayesian inference)
  • molecular clock
  • supertrees
  • phylogenomics
  • diversification rate methods
  • comparative method
  • biogeography/phylogeography
Tutorials will be held to allow the workshop participants to become more familiar with the software packages that can be used for various kinds of analyses. Among the programs that will be used during the tutorials are:
  • Mesquite (matrix manipulations, tree manipulations, comparative analyses)
  • Mrbayes (bayesian phylogenetic inference)
  • RAxML (manimum likelihood phylogenetic inference)
  • Winclada (maximum parsimony phylogenetic inference)
  • BEAST (relaxed molecular clock, coalescent studies)
  • Figtree (tree graphics)
  • Various applications for R (statistical package), including geiger, laser, ape, ouch (comparative analyses)
Students are encouraged to bring their own datasets to the workshop

To have a better idea about some of these topics, feel free to consult the page of the 2009 Workshop:

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